Accordion Folders
Musically cultivating new pieces, expressing the soundtracks that drive my work.
Last summer while viewing updates from a favorite artist of mine [Dave Crosland aka King Gum] I stumbled upon what was his then daily art blog, "Alphabet Attack". Each day he would explore characters using the letters of the alphabet, going in order and telling little stories about each letter/piece. I was immediately inspired by this idea. So much so that I decided to try my own blog, separate from my main site. Immediately I knew I was far too busy to keep up with something like this daily and approached this on a weekly basis.
Given that over 95% of the time that I am creating art I have music blasting through speakers or headphones, it was only natural to make this art blog music related. Not wanting to bite the idea completely I decided to explore the very music I listen to while painting and drawing instead of using an alphabet or some other similar structure/order. It was something I wasn't very familiar with, painting images of the musicians I was listening too. Usually i will create based off how the music feels and not really touch the images of who these musicians are.
Through this endeavor, I created Melodic Measures. A (then) weekly art blog professing my love for these musicians and their works through my pens and brushes. I approach these a bit different than my other works, usually all on bristol and usually all in inks. I don't often use bristol but every time I use it for one of these projects I remember why I like it so much. I like to create these pieces when I am alone and can really feel the music playing without any distractions.
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