Branding: Ignite Resilience.
Logo suite and branding guidelines for handmade candle maker Ignite Resilience.
Ignite Resilience is a candle company creating small batch soy wax candles based in Austin, TX. Ignite Resilience is owned by creator and candle maker Kaitlyn Redwood. Making each batch of candles herself by hand, Kaitlyn's goal is to create scents that provide a sense of calm while supporting organizations that foster social change by donating portions of each sale to a different charity with each run. Kaitlyn and I used to work together and have since gone our separate ways from that company. When she approached me to create her logo for her personal business I was onboard immediately. I am forever inspired by people chasing their dreams into reality and making their own path so this was a no-brainer for me.

In spreading her donations across organizations in Austin and her hometown of Portland, Kaitlyn wanted to find a way to combine both her need for distraction from the state of the world and her love for these organizations and thus, Ignite Resilience was born. Her primary focus for her logo was an "IR" concept with a candle/flame for the "I". This kind of specificity can make things both helpful and challenging for myself when creating a logo. It's beneficial to have a solid direction like this; the trouble I have in these cases is feeling that it is too specific; I feel like I am in a box of sorts where my mind wants to roam free. I solve this personal dilemma by exploring the client's wishes as well as my own intuition. Exploring the page with anything and everything helps me explore all avenues so I don't feel constrained and makes it easier for me to come back into the parameters of the creative brief.

Often times within my own explorations I find ideas that I can bring back into the "box" and stay within my client's wishes. I shared with Kaitlyn a few different iterations of her "IR" concept as well as some other ideas that included subtle nods to her hometown to give her options outside of her original idea. I do this as sometimes we as humans can be so fixated on something that we turn the blinders on and miss things we may not have thought about. We did move in the direction of the "IR" and after narrowing down a final icon/logo, we explored some colors. We went with a natural/muted palette that is warm and inviting like a good log fire.

The final branding guidelines and logos came out great. I was very pleased to be a part of this amazing branding project and provide Kaitlyn and Ignite Resilience with some pieces that will help propel them further into their path of greatness and generosity.

Ignite Resilience can be found at local pop-ups and on Instagram, @igniteresilience.
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