Delayed. Sleep. Phaze. Number 2
Another Self-Published Art Collection.
It's that time once again!! i have completed Delayed. Sleep. Phaze. Number 2 for your viewing pleasure. 20 pages of never-before-seen work collected in one book. these are illustrations i did throughout 2011 of various topics from women to inner demons to hip hop culture. each cover is hand painted with splashes of colors and all are hand-numbered with an individual and different mini-illustration insiede.
i only printed 50 of these and once they're out, thats it. no reprints folks. each book contains rich black & white illustrations and measures 5.5" x 11". i decided to go with a border this time instead of the full-bleed look. each will be bagged with free stickers as well and will be available online or @ any of my upcoming shows. the book will debut @ ArtSlam!'s 6-Year Anniversary show. visit the online store for more work and to purchase your copy, available January 29, 2012.

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