Devising Virus
The latest creation in my series Melodic Measures featuring Del.
Earlier this year I had the pleasure of catching an amazing show, the one and only Deltron 3030! Complete with a band that included Juan Alderete (TMV, ORLG) and Kid Koala, I thoroughly had my wig peeled back. Needless to say the show rocked and was packed hella tight. Del is such a funky performer to watch on stage, I definitely came home inspired! The next evening I drew an illustration of him from a video I took on my phone. Then it sat...for months.
After a few months of sitting idle in my sketchbook, I finally made some time to color this bad boy. I opened up Photoshop and freestyled the whole thing. I had no idea what color scheme to go with, I just wanted to give a good, funky, space feel. I played with another color scheme that has a bit more of a night feel that I may share at a later date. But for now, here are some closeups of the scheme and techniques.
Lately i have been wanting to explore shape a lot more in my digital colors and I think this translates well here with the music these guys create. I love mixing the sharp angles amongst the free-flowing lines I create with my pens. It gives it a great contrast and retains an organic feel that way. My backgrounds are still flying high with the halftones, but I decided to express some shapework in this piece.
If you haven't seen my other Melodic Measures pieces, catch them on my musical art blog Melodic Measures. Please contact me @ for custom work inquires, I'd be happy to give you this funky treatment.
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