Event Photography: Boats and Yoga with Allie Bee.
Photographing Austin yoga instructor Alli Bee's Boats and Yoga event.
Working with yogis is always a pleasure. Their demeanor and outlook is calm, positive, and often with a perspective that differs from most. Creating with Alli Bee has been a great experience and when she presented me with the opportunity to photograph her yoga class on a boat floating on Lake Travis, I jumped in head first. I love a good challenge and making photos while in motion through sunset and into the night proved to be a challenge indeed. With such limiting space and losing light the second I stepped on the boat, I had to be sure each shot was with limited motion and also with enough light to make a great image. Thankfully everyone on board was really welcoming and accepting of me and another photographer walking the boat making photographs. I took some portraits, product photographs, and wider shots of the event while bobbing up and down the relatively calm waters of the lake. The available golden hour light proved to be a huge asset as we docked facing West giving me some ideal light to paint with. Once we were done stretching (yes, I wholeheartedly took part in the class as well), we all took a dive into the lake and had a great swim under the full moon. The hardest part of this event was the fact that it had to come to an end. Big thanks to Alli Bee for another fun class and a great group of people.

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Maddi joined us and lead class alongside Alli.
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