Greeting Card Design: New Year 2019.
Holiday greeting card type exploration to ring in the 2019.
I've spent the better part of 2018 exploring letter forms, pushing my work into an entirely new direction as a result. Of course, illustration will always be at the roots of my work, the past few months have been a breath of fresh air exploring letters much more deeply than I ever have.  For most of last year I spent my creative time filling pages and pages of letters and words mixed with minor illustrations, really attempting to understand what I love about typography while simultaneously working through some emotional matters. The beauty of expressing the entire range of your emotions is the creative work that comes out as a result. When you're in the feels, get to creating. Silver linings.
I got inspired from a particular person in my life to create a New Year greeting card toward the end of 2018 as a means to communicate a positive message and explore type a bit further than sketches. I stepped out of my comfort zone even further by aiming to produce letters with a vintage feel. I filled a few pages one word at a time until I found a set that seemed to work cohesively. As you can see, there is only chaotic rhythm in this stage and it is essentially word vomit, tweaking letters I like, scrapping words all together, and ultimately finding a set I can flesh out to my liking.
For the layout process, I used some tracing paper to trace each word individually, placing them where they felt most balanced and redrawing those that were initially too small or too big. I included a few New Year treats with some champagne and some smoke. These illustrations helped me balance out the negative space in the lower right where enlarging other words didn't make sense or look good to me. After I had the finished layout, I brought it into Illustrator for fine tuning and sharpening. A few of the letters changed slightly in this process and is totally intentional because often times a finished sketch still needs adjusting once everything gets vectored.
Color schemes were next and proved to be the most difficult part of the project. I couldn't quite find the scheme I saw in my head which, as most artist can attest to, is extremely frustrating when you're having trouble pulling the idea from within your head onto the page. Persistence pays dividends though and eventually I found some colors that I was very happy with. Although this isn't setup to be screenprinted, I gave the entire piece a print feel by making all the colors slightly off reg just for fun. Lastly, I brought the final piece into Photoshop for some texturing to further drive the vintage feel home. I did a few test prints until I nailed the colors down where I needed them and did a small run for family and friends. I'm very pleased how this turned out and look forward to making more type-driven pieces in the coming year. Cheers!
Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for your continued support.
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