Illustration: Dripsicle.
A fun illustration depicting my love of summer through ice cream popsicles.
I love summer. The warming sunshine, the endless excuses to swim, the bikinis, and the relaxing vibes that permeate us all during this time of year in Texas. One of my favorite ways to cool down from the summer heat is ice cream. Be it a cone, popsicle, or pint, ice cream cools down even the hottest of days! Bringing static objects to life with fun faces brings me a certain childish joy that few other things can do for me. After playing with a few faces and popsicle shapes, I found one I liked and brought it into Illustrator for coloring. I couldn't decide on  a flavor, so I used a few different colors to have some variety. I used a photo I made of a lake during one of my swim adventures this summer for a background and added some simple type. Summer will come and go and on the hottest day we may curse the heat for being so hot, yet we always pine for it's return once it leaves for the winter break. 

Thankfully, ice cream is year-round!

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