Let's Party
Lately I have found myself needing inspiration for my paintings and illustrations. I have been immersing myself with my desings & work with my lifestyle brand Awake and Movin' as well as pursuing my passion for photography. I found myself wanting to paint less and less. Not for a disdain for it, I just found other creative outlets that I wanted to pursue and it left a little lump in my fine art side.
I kicked some ideas around with my girlfriend Rabbit Rye and after a few ideas, I started getting excited about starting a new series. I then created Video Game Visionaries. A series of painted illustrations that would incorporate some of my favorite characters from my favorite video games throughout my life. I have been gaming since the NES days so the array of characters are virtually endless and that made it all the more appealing.
For this particular piece I decided to give a sexy spin to a classic character, Princess Toadstool. Now known as Princess Peach, the princess we all know and love has played the frequent damsel in distress over a TON of games from Nintendo. How she keeps getting herself in these situations I have no clue, but I digress. Princess Toadstool has always been portrayed as the sweet and kind princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the quiet ones are always the freaks. I decided to play on that stereotype by drawing her straddling our favorite massive projectile in motion, Bullet Bill, who seems to enjoy the ride just as much.
Princess Toadstool gives us a peek under her flowing dress whilst offering a seductive invitation of psilocybin and good times. This was easily the most fun of all in my series thus far. I used a mix of inks and acrylics on bristol to create this playful and sexy image. And it certainly helped to regain some of that painting momentum I have been needing.
To purchase the original painting, vist my store blue731.bigcartel.com.

To see the others, keep up with the blog over at blue731.blogspot.com.
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