Menu Design: Babinka Treats.
Wholesale menu design for Babinka Treats
Babinka is one of my favorite people to work with as she gives me a general idea and let's me run with it. There's something great to be said about creative freedom. We recently updated Babinka's wholesale menu with some changes on items and colors. Our original menu design was purple and looked about the same. Having expanded into CBD treats in 2017 though, I was asked to create a new menu for those products as well. I used elements from other projects we've worked on within this menu concept for branding consistency. The backgrounds of each of these menus were pulled from her donut labels followed by color theme changes for each one. I included the donut icons from her labels as well for use in these menus. The rest of the project was pretty straight-forward with updates to items and descriptions. I've left off her pricing for privacy purposes, you get the gist of it. I love exploring color in Babinka's projects as her treats and brand are so light-hearted and fun that there is a lot of room to play. I smile just seeing this stuff.

You can purchase Babinka Treats at dispensaries throughout the greater Los Angeles area, the Bay Area, and Central Texas (CBD only).
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