Skateboard Design: Skateboarding Is Not A Sin.
Skate deck for Austin skate shop No-Comply's annual design contest.
For this year's approach to No-Comply's annual contest I chose to go the photography route. I wanted to create something bold and clean and highlighted the image more than the type treatment. I found a few images from my years of shooting, playing with different type treatments and styles from beaches, street shots, and more. I decided to use this image of a religous statue in San Antonio and make a slogan to coincide with the image. After a few tries, the proverbial light bulb clicked on above my head and the phrase "Skateboarding Is Not A Sin" came to life, playing off one of the most iconic skateboard images of all time, Santa Cruz's "Skateboarding Is Not A Crime". It doesn't get more serendipitous than that. It was a wrap after that and I knocked out a few other images for some web promo graphics. Designing a deck always presents the challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing piece that fits in such an odd ratio (about 1:4). Challenging parameters is what makes this work enjoyable though. Creative problem solving is what I enjoy doing and this piece came together quite well for me. I hope you all enjoy it as well and remember that skateboarding is an expression, neither a sin nor a crime.

Visit No-Comply Skate Shop near downtown Austin, TX at 812 W. 12th Street, around the corner from House Park.
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