Slang Exchange
Album art and design for Blazy of the hip hop collective, The Vultures.
Back at it once again with Blazy and company. This time with a project titled 'Slang Exchange". Blazy and I discussed his overall vision with the album and we kicked a few ideas around, ultimately sticking to the idea of mirroring the essence of the New York Stock Exchange.
I sent him a few thumbnails of varying ideas and we landed on the good ol' 1950's style handshake. I drew up some hands coming together in a nifty, fatcat kind of way. I wanted to keep the tone warm overall and created a vignette of sorts on the image. Next was complimenting the warm with some coooler blues for the suits. Bewjewled cuff links rounded out the business look.
The next step was incorporating some words weaving in and out of the hands to symbolize the exchange. I took a few words from previous work and samples Blazy sent me which included words like "motive", "savage", "trust". I used the plus and minus symbols in the album title to showcase the daily ups and downs of the stock exchange. I designed the words to separate, illustrating their travel throughout the hands.
I had a bit of free range on the back which is always fun. After the front came together, I had the idea of mimicking a board or screen tehy use in..wherever..they do..those..stock things. Whatever. I took a chunk of the background from the front artwork to use as the background of this side. Using some decimals and percent symbols helped me keep the layout a bit more fresh and continuituous, alternating colors to separate the track list.
I brought the type in from the front and worked on their placement with the Ruler Why Recordings logo. Added the spines and it was a wrap.
I love working with creative-minded people and musicians are always a pleasure to work with directly. It's refreshing to get their input and deliver an overall project they can put a stamp on. Blazy got me some hardcopies of the record which are always good to have. It's awesome to see your flat, on-screen images take life in this manner.
Pick up Blazy's album Slang Exchange here.

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