Solar Rays
Album art and design for Blazy of the hip hop collective, The Vultures.
You cannot contain good music and Blazy is one to keep pumping it out with his producer Ruler Why. After being contacted with simply the title, the idea came to me to create a sun with a face spewing solar flares from its mouth and cheeks. I love when ideas come to me on the fly like this, it's amazing how inspiring a couple of words can be. I took to the page right away with some quick pencils. The colors came together immediately after.
I played with a lot of texture for this one to give the face some depth and some interest. Laying down inks soon after, the white then followed to give the flares and eyes a bit more pop.
After scanning in my colors and inks, I began to enhance the image digitally. I wanted to give the piece some more flare and highlight the third eye. After first submittal, Blazy asked me to highlight the eyes a bit more as well. So I took to the same purples in fulfilling the request and it came out much better. It's imporant for your client to trust you. It's just as important to listen to your client.  That makes for a great collaboration.
I found some type I thought would be fitting and began to play with the effects. I then added some shards of color to give the piece more energy and movement. The placement also provided great depth between the text and the background image. After that, it was a wrap. When the pressed copies come in, I will update this and share those images as well. Cheers.
Pick up Blazy's album Solar Rays here.

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