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My name is Blue Hernandez, I am a mixed media artist & designer residing in Austin TX.

Visual art has always been the strongest calling in my life. I was raised in comicbook and skateboarding cultures as a kid, exploring illustration in my teenage years drawing logos, super heroes/heroines, and other fun characters. As I entered college, I discovered my love for street art and graphic design, ultimately leading me to obtaining an Associate in Print Design and Interactive Design. After college, I took my work public showing in galleries, painting live at various events, and diving into the streets with stickers, tags, and murals. Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a child fascinated with the different cameras available to me then. My love for different visual media is the cornerstone of my self-expression.

I love helping people build themselves and promote what it is they are passionate about. By applying my diverse disciplines to others' needs, I have grown a love for creative direction aiding others to solve their aesthetic and branding dilemmas. I am looking to create for passionate people, regardless of the size of their business, through visual art and communication.

What excites me most in this creative world? Mixing my artistic pursuits to create fun and interesting projects that are tangible like stickers, art prints, books, and clothing. There's is something I find extremely satisfying with taking something off of the screens and putting it into your hands! Be it for my personal use or creating for you directly, I want to bridge a connection with you through visual art.

Stay Creative,
Blue Hernandez
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