Branding: Charmed Crafts & Confections.
Branding suite for San Antonio's custom baked treats company Charmed Craft & Confections.
Charmed Crafts and Confections is a one-woman small business specializing in custom baked goods from cakes to cookies to cake pops and themed around pretty much anything imaginable. Based in Lytle, TX and helmed by baker Sandra Santos-Alcudia, CCC wanted to make her business a bit more official with a logo, particularly so that she could incorporate it into her packaging. During our initial discussion we decided to push beyond a single logo and pursue a full identity suite to include a primary logo and some submarks. Creating a look for her small business would elevate her social media appearance as well as provide her with a polished look in her presentation of her baked goods to her clients.

After some serious thumbnailing, I presented Sandra with a few different options and landing on some custom script and the idea of a piping bag somewhere in the logo. Custom type is one of my favorite parts of an identity that I do not get to do enough of. It brings a very unique look to a logo that cannot be easily replicated with an off the shelf font. I worked the idea a few different ways from three C's as part of the piping bag to the final iteration of a single C, focusing on the "Charmed" portion of her name for stronger presence. Her ideas of icon placement led me to adding the piping bag at the end of Charmed as if it were written by the frosting. We fleshed out a strong type-based logo and visited a ton of color schemes, the final product taking colors from some of her baked creations.

At this stage I created a suite of her logo and submarks in different color options based on her new branding colors. We kept the palette soft with enough contrast that she could use her logos on virtually any packaging she wants to use. Given the custom nature of her business, this will give her greater flexibility from bags to boxes and labels to stamps. I have seen her use her new logo in various ways since we completed this project and I am quite pleased how the entire project came out. Charmed Crafts & Confections creates some pretty amazing treats themed around everything from fruit, dinosaurs, super heroes, pop culture, and much more. Delivery is available, so be sure to give her a follow and order something for your next celebration!

Charmed Crafts & Confections can be found on Facebook and Instagram, @cccbysandra.
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