Concert Photography: Atmosphere & Brother Ali Tour.
Photographing the Minnesnowta twins and Rhymesayers vets, Brother Ali & Atmosphere.
Sometimes I gotta pinch myself for how fortunate I am. Photographing the legendary Atmosphere and Brother Ali while also witnessing their shows live for the first time is high on my list of favorite concert moments. It can be easy to get star-struck during these opportunities and you gotta remember to settle in the pocket and focus. This was such a fun concert to shoot and I feel very privileged to have been in this position to shoot from these angles. The energy these guys bring to their music is unlike any other and are also very different from each other. While Ali lays cool and hits the quieter, emotional chords, Slug approaches the stage with extreme fervor and a lot of smiles. Being able to shift gears with these types of energies can make for a creative battle with a camera in hand and puts you in a prime position to adjust your view and the story you are wanting to relay to your audience. To capture the emotion of a performer is something I pride myself on when photographing musicians. Hopefully, it translates well with the viewer.

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