Event Photography: Fight2Win 166.
Photography from the F2W 166 fights in Austin, TX.
It's never a dull moment photographing jiu jitsu fights and this night was clearly no exception. The Fairmont Hotel in Austin, TX held another Fight2Win night of fights with some monstrous competition including William Tackett, Josh Cisneros, Rafael Lovato Jr., and other top-level performers. This would be my first time photographing an F2W fight card so the stoke level was extra high. I pride myself on capturing interesting action during jiu jitsu competitions with my heightened sense of awareness and a keen eye on the varying aspects of a new venue & organization. There are bound to be a slew of new challenges to overcome when photographing a new event, especially one you have yet to attend in-person. Fortunately, Fight2Win's production value is miles ahead of the local circuits I often shoot and their lighting is a photographer's wet dream. It made this night incredibly easy to cover and my knees were grateful to be standing for once since the platform is about chest high. I'm normally scrambling on the mats at competitions so this was a welcome change. The limitation of not being on the mat was a new challenge I took in stride having to remain on one side of the stage and not end up on camera like a derp.

Overall the experience was incredible and I am looking forward to making images at F2W fights again in the future. Anytime I can be a part of Flograppling is a huge honor and whether as a photographer or fighter, jiu jitsu continues to bless me and my creative spriri.

Fight2Win hosts fight nights throughout the United States and can be found on Instagram, @f2wbjj, and viewed live on Flograppling.
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