Logo: The Mind State Podcast.
Logo design for human development podcast The Mind State Podcast.
The Mind State Podcast is a show dedicated to providing information aimed at helping others discover their own next levels of performance and potential. The podcast is hosted by an Austin-based developer and jiu jitsu practitioner Danny Mulvihill. When we initially discussed the project, Danny mentioned he wanted to cover a variety of topics on his show that will help lead listeners into territories they may or may not be familiar with including supplements, psychedelics, and other personal performance ideas and techniques. Danny is very enthusiastic about his new venture and I was just as excited to jump on board with some branding having discussed these topics and more in previous conversations we've shared.

The original concept for the logo was fairly broad and open-ended leaving me plenty of room to dive into the logo from various angles. The primary guidance from Danny was to include an illustration of a brain, minimal type (as he plans to use the logo beyond the show), and the rest was essentially up to me. While this approach provides a great sense of freedom for any creator, it can also present the challenges of which direction to take a vague idea that will still meet a client's needs and vision without excessively returning to the drawing board. Thankfully, Danny is super easy-going and trusted me to create what he needed in a timely fashion. After pitching a few different ideas of brain and third eye concepts, we focused on the idea that incorporated both. My intention behind including a third eye was to help distinguish his logo from other brain icons that tend to look similar (no matter who approaches the design) while also driving home the elevated ideas of unlocking human potential that Danny is looking to cover throughout the course of his show. We improved upon the first draft by sharpening the line work per his request, and then chose colors based on a color scheme Danny had seen in some the apparel he owns.

The rest of the logo came together through layout/hierarchy of type, finishing just in time for his intended launch. Since this posting Danny has began his show and is utilizing the logo throughout his promotions for the podcast. Ultimately, we discussed using the logos for other avenues of this project which I am excited to see in the future. It was a blast working on this and I suggest taking a listen to the show for some insight on personal development.

The Mind State Podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms such as Apple and Spotify.
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