Poster Illustration: ScHoolboy Q.
Poster design featuring rapper ScHoolyboy Q.
I'm late to the party. That's how it is sometimes, though. I had heard a few songs with ScHoolboy Q, the first being "Terrorist Threats" from Ab-Soul w/ Danny Brown. This track is fire and it came from an unlikely person who showed it to me. From time to time I would hear Q again and would like it, but it never floored me. Until I randomly saw the video for "Break The Bank" one morning while making my coffee and breakfast. I was HOOKED and already saw the illustration coming together in my head.
It took me a few attempts to get the drawing where I wanted. Eventually, I fleshed out the inks and just had fun with it. I find I create my best work when I'm not stressing perfection upon myself and just having fun. After laying the base illustration down, I added some design elements and splatters throughout the piece. I got the scans in and began laying down base colors in Photoshop.
After laying the colors down, I took to the highs and shades, adding gradients throughout this stage. Midway through, I moved from how this would look as s digital print into asking myself, "How would I color this if I were going to screenprint it?" and then things got interesting. Limited color palette, bigger dots for textures, and brought it all together imagining it printing on blue paper. Dope.
I tried a few different backgrounds along the idea of the song, money. I tried dollar signs, type, nothing was working. During a dog walk, where most of my creative solutions happen, I saw a map behind him. I played on the area of where ScHoolboy Q [according to Wikipedia] grew up, South Central LA. I placed some important streets in the area and laid halftones over it as well. From here the entire piece came together in full swing and finished out smooth like a nice, well-aged whiskey. I'm stoked how the final piece came out and because I colored this as I would screenprint it, I can easily change the colors if needed to create variants or just to experiment with color. S/O to my man ScHoolboy Q for so many hood bangers.
S/O to the entire roster, follow ScHoolboy Q and keep it bangin'.
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