Roots (Lookbook).
Lookbook for lifestyle brand, Awake & Moving.
Awake & Moving is a Texas-based lifestyle brand I created that produces menswear and accessories cultivating street culture (arts, music, skateboarding) through its designs and blog, The "Roots" collection is a throwback to my upbringing in the Southeast Side of San Antonio. After designing and printing, I contacted some model/photographer friends to photograph them in an area I grew up in. I had Zina Zina help with styling and, collectively, we created a great finished piece. I wanted to keep the branding of the PDF clean and minimal to highlight the photography over anything else. This has been used as an online marketing tool and ultimately was a fun project to work on, as a whole with the collection and individually with this lookbook.
Front cover; concise and minimal.
The "Hood" tank and tee.
We braved the Texas heat in August creating these looks and photos, which is an extreme challenge due to sweat and exhaustion. 
"Remember Death" tees available in three different colorways.
"Las Calles" tees available in three colorways as well.
In attempt to beat the anticipated heat, I treated everyone to some sno-cones while we photographed the last set. The photo above is my absolute favorite we created this day. It perfectly highlights the attitude of the brand, showcases the designs well, and was shot at one of my favorite spots growing up. It was well worth the heat to cool off with a sugary treat.
Full PDF available HERE.
Models: Isaac Mello (@bornlucid), Laura Mora (@loovelala)
Makeup: Laura Mora (YouTube)
Stylists: myself, Zina Zina (Art Is Hard TX)
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